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Operation Compassion Program
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

FACEBOOK & TWITTER Connections - Comments invited

I just signed up for FACEBOOK and curious if you all want OPC to be signed up too.

Then we also have Twitter too!

Comments & Suggestions?


  1. It appears that Facebook does have some drawbacks.

    Will review and listen to your comments before going further.

  2. Reaching the masses and spreading the love of God through what God has allowed man to develop.

    [11:39:57 AM] Dr. RaymondL. Evans: here is just a thought. Do we trust God at his word? I mean do we really trust Him at his word. Because It is written that God's word will not return to him void. No weapon formed against me shall prosper, If God be for us then who can be against us. OPC is an element of the 144,000 from the tribe of Isreal that is sealed and will be used to mend the broken, divided body of Christ and bring the True Church (You and ME) back on one accord through the gift of true giving. It is about taking care of the poor, homeless, fatherless. Its about rebuilding the KINGDOM! Moreover, we are about righting the wrong. It's sad that today the world caes more aout you than the church. The church is so divided that it is powerless against the world. The wealth of the wicked is laid out for he rightious. Which means that God will allow us to use all of the resourses to reach the masses. Now Facebook ,twitter and all of the other social network sites are perfect to reach hundreds of millions that need our help that would otherwise not know where to turn! but, are we running scared of the social networks, knowing that what God has but together, no man can seperate? Are we running scared after know that no weapon formed against OPC will prosper? Is facebook bigger and more powerful than our Father in heaven? No! No! No! God sits at he forefront of OPC and thus has a hedge of protection around it. But we don't believe that do we? Because the big bad media and social networs have proven that to some of us, right? Hell NO! IF GOD BE FOR US, THEN WHO CAN BE AGAINST US! If you have faith then believe that! Stop letting the world tell you different! C'mon! We are no longer conformed to this world, we have been transformed! And no media, network, or other can prove us wrong! Trust in the vision that the Lord gave to John MacHaffie, moreimportantly, trust in the Lord. HIS WILL E DONE. So it is written, so shall it be!