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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NESARA – Open Letter to Drake #3 and Response by Drake

NESARA – Open Letter to Drake #3 and Response

by Drake

So why haven't you given out flat tires or some such to these planes?
Yes I say a lot and IF you were/are as astute as you say, YOU would know how to find the live actions happening NOW!
Only a very few of us will know Before it is time...
And no, you do not have the 'call' on actions you seem to need so desperately.
So, what to do?
-> Join The W A I T Club, like everyone else has.
Because you are no more 'special' than ALL the Others Who Get TO... W A I T !!!
Yeah, and many of those in intel have no idea either...
Cause they, like so many, do NOT have the need to know...that's why.
I threw EVERYONE under the bus of their own making.
How's that?
-> Everyone Needs to do their own HOMEWORK, look it up, and see IF they are as much as they think, by finding it out themselves.
Does everyone want the usual RUMORS, or the truth?
I REFUSE to make neat shit up, several can't even get new news. Just listen to any of the three other main 'truth' people who are broadcasting. These even have to go backwards to bring any 'news' at all.
What does that tell you?
It means that as I have stated...
Are you as READY as you say you are?
IF so, why are you loosing it?
Where is your PATIENCE?
Mine is in OVERTIME...on Steroids...Nightmares of apocalypse coming...
Think of KNOWING and not being allowed to say anything...Hmmm?
STRESS...at a superman level! Think of trying that out, Hmmm?
Under the bus?
I been gettin run over by a whole fleet of buses...!
...and yet, we may have definitive news as soon as tomorrow.
We will see.
~  Drake