Operation Compassion Program

Operation Compassion Program
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Directed Message To Our OPC Angels - Let the OPC Begin

It now appears that we are coming closer to that magical D Day on Monday. My apologies for all these false starts but the bad guys are good at blocking these blessings. Should have happened a long time ago!

For Your Information per OPC

My Intent is to have Apple Iphones issued to all angels. These shall be unblocked phones so you can choose your own provider. This will be the dedicated phone number for OPC business so we all can chat on Skype and ooVoo and other services.

I shall also intend to provide Apple Ipads and Apple Laptops to our angels as needed. OPC will be a global virtual company. State of the art virtual operation to do Compassion work.

I still intend to provide full medical coverage to our angels and there families.

Funds to OPC Angels WILL be flowing out immediately after RV in the following sequence:


Thank You LORD for your Blessings.

Let The OPC Begin

GOD Bless You And Yours,

John MacHaffie


  1. Thank you very much for the wonderful blessing is going to help all Angel. May God bless you all!!
    Thanks to Dear bro.John.

  2. Let's hope it's really happening this time. Thanks

  3. I cant wait for this life changing event.GOD BLESS YOU JOHN.Ron Hayes

  4. First thank you for this wonderful blessing you are giving to people! I so hope it reaches the people in time who are in desperate situation! I write only because a friend of mine told me of your graciousness you plan to deliver to so needy people! she told me of the plan and I said God Bless and I still do! My question and I am no desire of an answer from you but that this started out not being tied to the RV What happen? again I dont nd a reply but it is now applied and depending on the RV how long will this hold up be held up for all those people struggling loosing there homes/ Billions and Millions have a tax period they must meet will this hit before the next due tax date/ just asking if they are out there and truly have the money then why can't it be released and when the RV happens they would get that money back anyway Just asking? I Wish the program well and God Bless the Kindness of all the people participating!

  5. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you. I know God is always on time, so we should never loose hope. As I patiently wait, the enemy is busy, but God is still good.