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Operation Compassion Program
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Friday, September 23, 2011

BLESSING DELIVERIES IS STARTING ----------------------------------Finally!

Payouts will start paying out next week as the corrupt bad hombres cannot delay this any longer.
Initial Payouts/Deliveries are from the OPC dinar funding consortium to be followed by PP deliveries shortly thereafter.

This refers to the deliveries of Blessings from OPC - which results from cashing in of the Dinars after the R/V. Remember Buy Low - Sell High?

This is not from the PP distributions which has been blocked and blocked by the Bush Cabal.

Those OPC staff receiving funds will not be identified but the overall status shall be addressed by the quantity of 'Angels' (for example) receiving funds.

Those receiving Blessings shall be itemized by the quantity in a group and his/her individual board number.

This information will also be posted in the Deliveries and OPC Skype Rooms. Look up status will be also be provided in the blogs.

This has been a long frustrating wait for us all. In my personal estimation, we are about 12 months behind and OPC will be busy trying to catch up.

We all should now realize how corrupt these bad hombres are --- to delay these blessings this long!

May Our LOVING LORD Bless You and Yours in the very near future.

John MacHaffie  --- HIS Humble Servant


  1. I'm praying god can bless all of us to help im disabled and pray i can get my own house so i can stop bugging people about me being homeless and stop being put on traspassing and told i eed to leave state cause i have no residence or address for ID is going put me in jail and take mty disabled from me from jail homeless may god bless all they hit homeless tents in St. Augustine every year shelter keep them is the shelter keeps tehm up by paying them and if they don't pay them they put them bck on streets. Yes its ok now just is by just word from some the homels blog send world wide how the gov takes it from them every day for there elections:(