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Operation Compassion Program
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Saturday, September 24, 2011


This posting pertains to the Deliveries Process.

Some are confused with the terminology of "DELIVERIES" from Casper's continuous fables of packets here and there. Whatever - that is his delusion, not ours.

Nor will we consider the many rumors which we all have fooled by of PP Deliveries happening. Why do you think the intel reports were pulled, The characters promoting this are building some bad Karma. And to those 'self-claimed' trustees who work for the Federal Reserve & the Bush Cabal that have been blocking this for ages - Karma is a bitch.

PP deliveries are still being blocked and blocked by the dark cabal.

 Our definition of a DELIVERY

If you receive an email notifications of a wire deposit into your account or a Cashiers Check being sent to you. --- This is what OPC considers as a DELIVERY. The OPC have already confirmed delivery information on many of the prospective recipients.

OPC has thousands on the NEEDS lists and it will take time for the processing. Cash In Funds comes in from Dinars --- OUT THEY GO to the Needy ones - ASAP!

The prior method of waiting for PP donations has been held by the Bush Cabal so Our LOVING LORD provided another method of getting blessings out.

When the Dinar RV - we are moving!

It may take several weeks for all this processing until the relief arrives at your doorstep. I will be keeping you all informed as the distribution happens.

OPC team of angels have been doing this for a long time 'without pay' to get us ready for the Wave of Blessings headed your way.

May Our LOVING LORD Bless You and Yours,

John MacHaffie

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