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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Emergency Need in Philippines

                          Ras-Bev new
December 17, 2011 

Emergency Need in Philippines 

Yesterday a major tropical storm, Typhoon Sendong, hit the Philippines.  Reports so far tell us that more than 430 bodies have been recovered with over 300 people still missing, many of them children. 

Flood - Iligan Riverside
Victims of flood in Iligan City gather along the riverside where their homes once stood. 
In two of the hardest hit places, Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro, we have more than 200 sponsored children. We've talked with two of our pastors this morning.  As best we know now, all the children survived, but many of them lost everything in the floods and high winds that came in the middle of the night while most were sleeping. The pastor said the ones living on the riverside all had to flee for their lives.

The immediate need is food and water, of course.  Our pastor in Iligan City said they also need blankets and clothing.  The children will also need new school supplies and uniforms and shoes.  One pastor in Cagayan de Oro asked if he could use the money we sent for Christmas to buy the food and water they need now.  We do not want them to use the Christmas money for that.  Of all times, the kids will need a special Christmas, it is now.  

Families living along the riverside stand in water where their homes once stood. They had to flee in the middle of the night and lost everything except what they were wearing.
One of the pastors said that during a big crisis like this, it is a good time to share the Gospel of Jesus because people are ready to listen, especially if you can give them a bowl of warm rice or oatmeal. So we pray God will use this crisis to bring many to His Kingdom. 

We are sending some immediate help for food and water.  Would you like to help us meet this need?  If you can help, send your money to Ministry to Children.  We will make sure what you send gets to our pastors for the children and their families.

Thank you for your prayers for those affected by this tragedy.
Ras and Bev Robinson and Kathy Bohlin
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