Operation Compassion Program

Operation Compassion Program
Bringing Light To A Darkened World


Friday, December 2, 2011

OPC has been activated

It is my pleasure to announce the activation of OPC. I am preparing payments for OPC angels as well as the initial disbursements of the $10K "BUG ME" gifting. These are coming out next week.

The initial distribution to "DIRE STRAITS" will be starting this month too!

OPC operations will be communicated thru oovoo for maximum security and skype still be used for general chatting and notifications.

The bad guys must now realize that OPC angels are lions with hearts of gold. No matter how hard they tried to stop or block this --- We will persist.

Angels of OPC - our moment of light has arrived.

GOD Bless

John MacHaffie


  1. AMEN!
    God Bless you guys so very much!!
    Let's go get'n and help so many in need!
    Cheers and Blessings!

  2. John I'm in the "DIRE STRAITS" group and I've moved to a different location, how can I change my details?

    Thank you so much John for all of your hard work

    God Bless You!

  3. Can I still apply for funds? I just heard about you today.

  4. Pam Butts try to update my file but your wed site wouldn't let me