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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My New Life in 2012 --- From the Philippines

                                              My New Life in  2012
          (Your Possible  Contribution In Expediency  To Lighten My Load Is Greatly  Appreciated)

                                                          By Eric V. Encina

     "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new better ending." - Maria Robinson

With ardor of  hope, fervent  prayers, will and determination with your possible inspiration, advice, suggestions, ideas  and munificent support, I want to have a new life  in 2012 in a new life paradigm,  in a new  radical turning points of events to seriously  start all over again,   with my wife and children,  for the better,  after more than 20 years of failed mission works, having been defeated and trashed out,  and wrestled tremendous and strenuous discouragement and disappointments and passed through life-and-death circumstances and threats to life,   and finally  lost in the battle for reform in the Philippines. I am conceding to quit,  and I must finally back off, retreat and surrender   my mission works for monetary reform. There's no choice.    The system is incorrigible and beyond repair  and no hope in sight to fix it. 

 I mourn over my defeats and failures in the Philippines,  however, I  keep up hope for personal basis and with hope that God guides me and my family towards crossing the  thresholds  of hope in 2012 to 2015. The very crux of the matter is survival. 

 I  need a new sort of innovative   help literally  from anyone,  no longer  for the mission-campaign works,  but  to take a new and pragmatic course of action from 2012 to 2014  with  bottom line results and  with double-edge impact for my life for  the life-time. I shall go back to the battle in 2015 when I shall be  prepared to fight again probably to run for a public office. I just don't know. I must put the future in the hands of God while I must  create, ascertain and gauge   the future in my hands. 

I want to  wholly, comprehensively and imaginatively spend my entire life in 2012 to 2014  for learning technical  skills and knowledge through enrolled educational studies, classes and seminars such as professional writings and speaking,   Journalism and reporting,  stenography,  photography, also agricultural  animal raising and food growing/making and business and entrepreneural courses for my personality improvement and human development  to be qualified  for competitive professional employment opportunities by 2015 either here in the Philippines or overseas,  albeit of terrible difficulties in the Philippines. 

 I plan to start enrolling this January 2011 to any reliable schools or training institutions here in Capiz Province or in Metro Manila.  I want to do my personal and human total development slowly and precisely without pressures and force. 

I need some reliable job and business positions  for our subsistence and survival  by 2015 and thus to help others in the future.  And so I have to comprehensively prepare,  beginning 2012 until 2014. 

I have been regretfully and painfully   left behind by others. Not because I am envious to others but because I have to practically  find way to survive with good job and employment and business  without dependency to aid or donation or help from others.  My educational study that has been interrupted because of money problem and poverty in those painful years and   since 1991 has been a backward background,  and no longer  fitted for employment in the 21st century. Without good educational  qualification, the chances  of professional employment in the Philippines is very slim. The rate of job rejection is very high. 

I need $5,000 "My New Life Funds" (MNLF)   in Philippine Peso value and or in other currency value   for my life  improvement in 2012 to 2014. Anyone who reads it and feels interested to help,  please help your pittance and sacrificial crumbs and  or  free-will contribution in whatever amount to raise for   this purpose. I welcome any monthly or annual assistance for such educational purposes. If there is any condition, please let me know. If you want updates and  references,  please also let me know. 

I do not say I have wasted my life in 20 years of mission works for reform and justice in the Philippines and it does not mean I have betrayed the philosophy of truths and justice but I have to take pragmatic approach at this point in time.  

I have been  told many times by peoples since 1992 that my work and campaign for reform is crazy,  and thus a losing  battle under the present system of the world. I have accomplishments in the Philippines  because the I have spread the information and educated the people about truths and proposed solutions,  but obviously change that I want,  is impossible to happen. I have opened my eyes from slumber,  delusion and illusion. 

People always get the kind of government they deserve.  The type of government the people get  is a product of the people's thoughts.

The quality of the government is reflective of the average quality of people of the country. This is true in the Philippines. 

A government is the product of the people's collective consciousness.

We  cannot give democracy to a uneducated or insufficiently educated people, or improperly educated people.

For  a democracy to function properly, the people must become   properly educated society.
In a democracy,  the quality of the government is more or less relative to the quality of the people.

We  cannot give an honest money system to a crazy, insane, corrupt, irresponsible society.

I am extremely exhausted spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically after many years. I am very down but I am trying to rise. 

I want to be a relatively successful and prosperous Filipino citizen  after 2012-2014 comprehensive studies and skills improvement and enhancement. 

I want to be better by 2015. 

Please  help me,  and have a meaningful  legacy to me for the long-term while I will do the same to others in turn in the future. 

Thank you and God bless!

Negotiated of Rental Stay Until  March 2012.

Eric V. Encina

c/o Azagra House
New   Address beginning June 04,2011, Saturday,  Philippine time. 
Malvar Street,
Brgy. Tiza (Village), P.O. Box 8 , 5800
Roxas City, Capiz Province,
Mobile Contact Number 09192335124   

P.S. To anyone/families/group/friends that/who know me,  and  would like to generously  help raise funds for my new life in 2012 to 2015,   please send at your own free-will disposition and decision to any form or method of sending that you know at your own convenience. Thank you very much and God bless. 

My Reflections:

In the face of so much suffering, heartaches, and broken dreams, a person can's help but ask himself: Shall I go on with this life or shall I not?

If I continue to be, I must face the challenges and in the process pain is unavoidable. If I decide to end my life, all pain will be gone and everything, too. After death there lies a great unknown which nobody has come back yet to tell us what it's like. 

This is the dilemma of life:

"To be" is to face the pain of living. "Not to be" is to dare face the unknown. "To be or not to be:  That is the question", which everyone of us must answer. Soliloquy From Hamlet - William Shakespeare.

Luck  is not a mysterious game of chance. Luck is when opportunity meets preparedness. Opportunity comes unexpectedly. No matter where, no matter when who you are, it just comes suddenly without you waiting for it. 

It only comes once in a lifetime. It may come a second time. If you fail to grab it, it will be gone  forever. No matter how you search for it, it can never be found. Therefore, be prepared all the time time, and when opportunity comes your way, grab it and never let go!
Remember, LUCK is preparedness meeting the right opportunity.

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