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Sunday, December 11, 2011

VIDEO: Soda bottles are transforming low income neighborhoods in the Philippines.

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VIDEO: Soda bottles are transforming low income neighborhoods in the Philippines.
Posted By: watcher51445
Date: Sunday, 11-Dec-2011 14:51:40

Dear VK,
Soda bottles are transforming low income
neighborhoods in the Philippines.
With electricity unaffordable or unavailable for
many families, they often have to work, do
chores and eat in near darkness.
Now there is light.
- Alexandra
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Alexandra Bruce
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  1. Light is useless in the Philippines without food, financial-economic security.

    What is urgent in the Philippines is the distribution of money.

    Money is so much wasted and misused in the Philippines and in the world and I personally condemn and curse it. The waste and misuse of money is the equivalent of death of the innocents, of the poor in the countryside. By 2012, the priorities of the Philippines Government are focused on the crimes against the people - they are the interest payments of the National Debt in Trillions of Pesos including the debts both odious debts of the Government-controlled corporations, of P900 Billion to multilateral and bilateral lenders ~ international, foreign and private bankers, with the 2012 National Budget of P1.8 Trillion, the rest of the budget will only benefit the government officials such pork barrels, and corrupt departments that do not serve but only bamboozle the people. Also the 2012 funds from the Government and foreign agencies for population control and mandatory vaccination programs that do not save and help the children and families in dire poverty in the countryside.

    Other 2012 funds, as reported, will be used for anti-corruption campaigns- meaning for expensive senate, congress hearings, etc to indict those criminals which is good but the problem is - corruption is only the effect, not the root-cause. The present debt finance at compounded usury is the mother of all corruptions. It is impossible to end corruptions then the mother of all corruptions continue to exist. As I said before:

    “Even if the alleged US$2.4 billion to $3 Billion annual public graft and corruption in the Philippine Government is not stolen, this money will not still be enough to fight poverty. Corruption is one of the bitterest repercussions of the deadliest and most corrupt “ex nihilo debt-based money system and usury”. Corruption would remain forever so long as the economy depends on debt-finance corrupt-disaster capitalism and usury.” - Eric V. Encina

  2. Millions of Filipinos are trying to survive at more than $1 dollar a day or P46 pesos and most of the are in the countryside. No doubt millions of Filipinos are going overseas for job and even entering trade flesh while government leaders are not legislating and implementing economic and financial security programs for the poor Filipinos. Government leaders who borrow foreign money at interest - and the foreign loans that only prop up corruptions. Former Pres. Macapagal Arroyo and her former cabinet members and others have gone through these nasty financial-economic transactions other than electoral sabotage against the people now under trials. It is a tragedy that most government leaders, other than economists and bankers, are money-poisoned.

    The only way to save them from being poisoned by money power is to distribute the money to every citizen annually.

    "If I could change the world, the first thing I would do is to make sure that everybody had enough income to meet their basic needs." - Paul Bathurs.

    "Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe" -- Frederick Douglass

    Eric V. Encina

  3. The annual provision of financial dividend of $10,000 up to maximum $1 Million more or less exchangeable to any currency in the world to be guaranteed to everyone on earth by right of citizenship can physically, financially and feasibly end poverty, hunger, starvation, malnutrition, diseases and problems of humanity. It can also progressively and even drastically end mendicancy, beggary, foreign aid, forceful labor or unnecessary employment, human trafficking and trade flesh, migration and immigration and exodus of peoples, brain-draining overseas employment, competition and tensions on international market and trade, regional and continental wars, separation and breaking of families, violence, rebellion, insurrection and even criminal activities. It can also end unwanted pregnancies and population growth. The time is very ripe. There is no hope under the present system if the wealth of the earth in the form of money will not be justly and rightfully distributed to every citizen. Poverty is unnecessary. To keep us in the bondage of poverty both material and financial is insanity. There is no any valid reason to keep us in the irony of poverty in this age of global plenty of huge material and monetary resources.

    Eric V. Encina

  4. What is the use of light without food for survival?

    I contest that it is possible to give money to every citizen in the form of dividend or extra basic or supplementary to every man, woman and child in the world from the resources below and from debt-free money creation. I can prove by demonstrating the schemes. One of the hindrances are those higher echelons and bigwig professional pundits who have supercillious educational and academic backgrounds who benefit from the broken system, that distributing the money and creating money debt-free is going to a disaster of run-away inflation while they themselves are too blind to see that the present deflationary-inflationary cycles nowadays are primarily caused by the fundamental flaws of debt finance disaster capitalism and compounded usury. Eric V. Encina

  5. In the Philippines, it is the right of every Filipino citizen as inalienable to demand and claim annual financial dividend and supplementary basic income guaranteed to every father, mother and child from the cradle to the grave. This is all similarly applicable for all people in this planet.

    Huge financial Resources are Ripe For Distribution Debt-Free To Every Citizen On Earth by virtue of Economic Bill of Rights:

    In the Philippines, the total private bank assets in 2010, which are supposed to be PUBLIC ASSETS are more than P6.4 TRILLION Pesos or P600 Billion. We might also have Trillions of Pesos circulating in the Philippines but also monopolized by the private banking system.

    Even Philippine Central bank or Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas said there is sufficient liquidity of M3 Philippine Peso in the country to help accelerate economic growth in 2012. Meaning there is and there would be plenty of cash money or banknotes circulating in the Philippines. The problem is, the banking liquidity depends on borrowing at interest other than inflow of investment money and money from Filipino overseas workers.

    Philippine peso liquidity has nothing to do with the poor hungry and starving Filipinos in dreadful poverty in the countryside.

    THE FILIPINO PEOPLE MUST HAVE THE RIGHTFUL SHARE according to Divine Providence and our Philippine Constitution OF ALL THESE MONIES - the symbol of wealth of the nation(s) in the 21st century to end our monetary miseries which can never be justified by all fronts and philosophies, and thus to bring about the blossoming of the new civilization free from poverty and hunger.

    US$840 Billion or P47 Trillion Estimated Value of Philippines’ mineral resources are for the Filipino People’s Wealth, and not for the multinationals, the powerful few and the tycoons. Eric V. Encina

  6. Just recently, P7.177 TRILLION TOTAL ASSETS OF THE PHILIPPINE BANKS. Trillions for the bankers and debts for the Filipino people. This is extremely unfair in economic justice.

    The data released by the Central Bank of the Philippines or Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas as reported to Philippine Star Newspaper dated October 2, 2011, THE TOTAL ASSETS OF THE banks operating in the Philippines, as of end-July 2011, amounted to P7.177 TRILLION or up 10.7%, higher than the P6.481 Trillion as of end-July 2010.

    The rising assets and profits of the commercial/private banks operating in the Philippines are not because of "savings deposits of the peoples" but of the privately-based creation of money out of nothing using people's deposits and their bank deposits as plausible screen hiding the creation of money, and charging interest upon the general public and this is very correct to say, that is a legalized robbery since all the money should be PUBLIC MONEY, OR PEOPLE'S MONEY AS THE SYMBOL OF WEALTH OF THE NATION FOR ALL BY THE WILL OF GOD.

    Banks receive bail-out from the Government from the taxes of already cash-starved and poverty-stricken Filipino citizens. And this is fundamentally unfair. The banks are poverty-stricken to be given any bail-out. The bail-out package should be and should have been provided as bail-out for the people, for the Filipino citizens in great poverty.
    Please give our coco levy funds as the rightfully owned by the Filipino farming families in the state of ignominious poverty and crisis. Their children are in the most pitiful situation. Where is the P135 Billion funds for the coconut farmers? Whoever stole this money of the poor must be cursed.
    According to some reports, the Filipino farmers’ coco levy fund have ballooned from P9.7 Billion to some hefty P135 Billion but these funds are nowhere to be found, from the sweats and brow and bloods, at day and night torturous struggles of the bleeding poor Filipino farmers and their families for almost 40 years time.

    Eric V Encina

  7. In the world today, we have around more than US$600 Trillion dollars circulating everyday, but these hugest monies are not going through to peoples in terms of financial-economic democracy but controlled by the powerful few, magnates, tycoons, global banking and multinational conglomerates and governments engaged in programs that against life, environment and ultimate against God. $600 Trillion dollars are under the spells of greed, avarice, injustice and curse of God.

    US banks alone are reportedly holding $800 trillion more or less in assets.

    Eric V. Encina


    The global economy produces more or less US$30 TRILLION value of wealth production annually but only goes to the powerful and super-rich multinational corporations, global mega-bankers, commercial/financial institutions, millionaire-billionaire-tycoons that and who control money, wealth and population. Individual, organizations, institutions, systems, ideologies, beliefs, practices and policies are, alas, hostile to faith, morality, life ,family and the poor in the third world.

    Reportedly, there are around 7.5 million Millionaires to Billionaires globally with the collective assets of US$25 Trillion, and is expectedly reaching to US$44.9 to $50 Trillion in 2006-2008-2009 and of course in spite of global financial crisis, global billionaires continue to thrive in 2011 to 2012, and much more in the coming years at the expense of the sufferings of billions of poor people in this planet.

    According to global aid statistics that between 1950 to 2009, MORE THAN US$3 Trillion flowed from the rich world nations to the poor world nations in the form of BILATERAL AID-STRING-BASED-ATTACHED or Development Assistance in the form of INTEREST-BEARING LOANS but this aid did not FEED DOWN TO THE POOR AND THE NEEDY AND THE INTENDED RECIPIENTS SUCH AS THE VICTIMS OF HUNGER AND NATURAL CALAMITIES but went to corruptions that in the span of 60 years, the total costs of corruptions all over the world are about US$2.8 Trillion, but in contemporaneous with this corruption imperialism within this period covered, the RICH NATIONS through the tutelage and supervision and structural reform policies and conditions of the IMF-WB, and other foreign and international bankers through their ECONOMIC HIT MEN and sub-agents and their vultures, leeched off and siphoned off via legal and illegal transfers of money and channels around US$5 Trillion with annual interest payments of US$400 Billion annually collected from the third world nations.

    Reportedly, the annual foreign aid totals of US$50 Billion to the third world nations (that do not feed down to the poor and the needy in the third world nations) but the dirty money that flow or streams illegally the other way, from poor countries to rich countries has been reportedly US$500 Billion up to US$1 Trillion per year that go to lodge to the transnational banks or transition economies of the Western countries

    It is also important to mention here that the reported costs of the GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS are round US$50 Trillion, and as this crisis goes on, more costs are eventually enormously increasing in the daily basis. This money eventually, by hocus-pocus, goes back to the creators of money, the bankers.

  9. We desperately need funds here in the Philippines.

    Eric V. Encina

  10. this is amazing! necesity is the best motivator for invention!