Operation Compassion Program

Operation Compassion Program
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Galactic Message for your soul MUST LISTEN --MUST LISTEN

This is an unusual posting ---- of the spiritual kind. "We are all about Love and Family -- Christmas should be everyday"

Call this phone number 218 936 4143

For 3 hr message on 12/22 -- use pin # 929448#

Very warm messages directed towards you ---- you may be tears.

He calls himself this time 'Santa' 

The man speaking is from Out Of World -- Galactic! Known to 
be a possible spaceship commander.  LOVE IT!
The same spiritual guide 'anonymous' from the David Wilcock recording.


Hi John I was asked to get this call out to the world as fast as I can so I am asking PLEASE send this message out. 
Dial 218-936-4143 the recorded number is 929448 . 
You can listen to the whole call or if you want to go to the main message press the * button it will say skip amount set to 30 seconds, 
press the * button again it will say skip amount set to 1 minute, press the * button again it will say skip amount set to 5 minutes. 
After you do that press the number 3 key 24 times. Then start to listen you will see what we are to become. Thanks to all Tugboat Harry



  1. I just want to request if you would find any Medical Doctor's team who wants to come and hold the medical camps in the village where the communication and facility are very poor, and poor are not able to reach for treatment. If you have been leaded by God pl. make me contact we would like to use them in the field. All the financial support for medical treatment for the patient would be taken care by the team.

  2. Pl. pray and make us contact if any one would like to help for our churches poor family youth who are looking for educational support, also small children who are looking for education, food, clothing, shelter supports.

  3. Pl. does pray for those christian believer families are living in the tent after non christian people attacked to many villagers and they have lost their house and wealth and life of their own families.

  4. Pl. pray we need to construct one church building in every District and state of the country. so atleast people have place to take shelter when ever any situation come very bad. Also we need to make Retreat center for meetings and training place at least in every state one in INDIA.

  5. Pl. pray we need to construct school for poor needy children and also vocational training center in each state at least one for the moment. Also need to make Hospital for the sick people as my children are Doctor and they wants to devote them self for the kingdom of God.